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JaggerSpun Super Lamb 2/24 Weight Superwash 100% Fine Grade Merino Yarn

100% fine grade Merino Lambswool made from Superwash treated Merino Lambswool.  This yarn offers the best of both worlds — the special qualities of worsted spun wool combined with the convenience of being able to machine wash and dry without fading or shrinking. This is a 2/24 weight yarn.

Super Lamb comes in a very nice variety of solid and heather shades.  Garments made from this line retain their softness, resilience, and durability after countless machine washings and dryings.  Great for machine, lace and sock knitting, weaving, crochet, among other applications.

Color Card

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  • Four-season yarn
  • Nice drape, luxuriously soft
  • Traditionally used in fine garments of the highest quality, durability and versatility
  • Versatile as it allows you to meet any pattern gauge by either knitting with more strands and/or adjusting the needle size until you obtain your desired finish.
    Note: as with any yarn, always knit a test swatch and block before starting your projects.
  • Beautiful colors that lend themselves to an infinite array of creative possibilities by combining contrasting and/or complementary colors
  • Can be used for knitting, lace work, weaving, crochet, tambour embroidery, beaded knits, and more
  • Lends itself to create wonderful everyday garments with great durability
  • Great for babies and children's garments
  • Great for socks!
  • Great for machine knitting — take advantage of the latest fashions!
  • Because it is light, fine and soft it adds warmth without adding bulk to your figure

Special Note for Yarn Dyers

If you are interested in dyeing, the best color to use in this line is the “Ecru” color because it will render your results more predictable. However, many of our yarn dying customers also use "Creme."

Yarn Specifications

100% fine grade Merino Wool Lambswool
Length per Cone:
5,960 yards
Weight per Cone:
Slightly over 1 lb.
2/24 Weight
Care Instructions:
  • Machine wash using any laundry soap or detergent!
  • Tumble dry
  • Launder dark colors separately
Storage tips:
This yarn is not mothproofed. Clean, dry, clear plastic containers work extremely well for long-term storage. You can also wrap the garment in archival tissue paper for long-term storage to extend garment life.

Super Lamb 2/24 Lace Weight 100% Superwash Fine Grade Merino Lambswool

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JaggerSpun Super Lamb 2/24 Lace Weight Yarn