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Featured Scarf, Hat and Gloves Sampler Patterns For DK and Worsted Weight Yarns

These patterns will work with thicker gauge yarns, approximately 4 to 5 stitches per inch on US 4 to 8 needles. Great value as they include detailed instructions for several scarves. Please check pattern requirements carefully.


Fiddlesticks Knitting Scarf Sampler Patterns

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Three Ripple Scarves

These easy-to-work, rippled texture scarves will appeal to either men or women and are completely reversible. The simple knit and purl designs flow off the needles, creating ripples of fabric to warm you or a lucky recipient! Recommended for Advanced Beginner knitters.

Fiddlesticks Knitting Three Ripple Scarves Knitting Patterns

Fiddlesticks Knitting Three Ripple Scarves Knitting Patterns

Fiddlesticks Knitting Three Ripple Scarves Knitting Patterns

One-Ball Warmers

These little one-ball neck warmers make perfect gifts. In each case only one two (2) oz ball of yarn is required, so they are inexpensive and quick to knit. The variety of styles offered will keep your knitting interesting, and you could easily create a whole wardrobe of them.

Fiddlesticks Knitting One-Ball Warmers

"Necks" To You

Three beautiful scarves enhance your wardrobe in a variety of styles while each uses less than four (4) oz of yarn.

Each scarf features a different construction using lace as the common theme, making these scarves fun to knit. All three scarves are included in the pattern set.

Great for gifts!

Fiddlesticks Knitting Necks To You

Fiddlesticks Knitting Necks To You

Fiddlesticks Knitting Necks To You


Three Cosy Lace Scarf Patterns

These cozy scarves will warm your neck beautifully with their pretty lacy patterns. Each features a different type of “challenge” as you progress in learning different lace knitting stitches:  from the intermediate Cosy Ruffles (above, top) with feminine ruffles, and Cosy Diamonds (above, middle) with diamonds and fancy ribbing, to the more advanced Cosy Elegance (above, bottom) with graceful lace panels meeting at the centre and joined by grafting. Recommended for starting lace knitters.

Fiddlesticks Knitting Cosy Ruffles Lace Scarf

Fiddlesticks Knitting Cosy Diamonds Lace Scarf

Fiddlesticks Knitting Cosy Elegance Lace Scarf

Blossoms Chullo

The Blossoms Chullo, adapted from an actual South American prototype, uses only two colors per round without sacrificing color variety. The essential look of the original prototype has been preserved while the pattern is written at a gauge ordinary knitters can easily achieve with available yarns.

Déjà Vu Knits Blossoms Chullo

Compass Rose Comforts Scarf and Hat

This traditional two-colour pattern is from the North Atlantic seaboard, often found in traditional knit mittens. The compass rose map symbol has been used by mariners for centuries to determine direction and winds. When the cold north winds blow your way, keep warm in this combination of Compass Rose and Sailor's Rib patterning.

Déjà Vu Knits Compass Rose Comforts Scarf and Hat Knitting Pattern

Fans with Flair Scarf and Hand Warmers

This pattern adapts the Shetland Feather and Fan lace stitch pattern, incorporating the well known fan shape in both the scarf and hand warmers. The larger 'fans' on the beginning and ending borders of the scarf create a feminine flare. This pattern is written for Lace, Fingering, DK (Double Knitting) and Worsted Weight yarns.

Deja Vu Knits Fans With Flair Scarf and Hand Warmers

Scottish Diamond Gloves

This unusual glove pattern was inspired by the historical patterns for Sanquhar gloves. Their distinctive features are the fine block motif that is repeated throughout the glove, the initials section on the inside of the cuff, gussets between the fingers, and two-color ribbing.

Deja Vu Knits Scottish Diamond Gloves

Diamonds In Squares Scarf and Hand Warmers

Scarf and Hand Warmers feature two-color patterns from traditional designs found in Sanquhar gloves. Knit in dark and light colors, the distinctive Sanquhar patterning creates a striking look. The textured purl patterns echo the squares and diamonds so often prevalent in Sanquhar knitted works.

Deja Vu Knits Diamonds In Squares Scarf and Hand Warmers Knitting Pattern